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From: Marc
Subject: Family Friction (Part 5)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports, scat and other
fetishes. If you are under the age of eighteen, or find this kind of
sexual activity offensive, STOP HERE!Family Friction (Part 5)
By Rim4you1"So how'd it go?" Brandon asked, winking at me as I mounted the stairs
heading for my room, anxious to get out of my soppiing wet clothes.Following the afternoon's sexual escapades with Brad, the two of us took
a dip in the lake to cool our jets, so to speak, and to wash off our
clothes. It was about 4 p.m. by the time we made it back fresh rape lolitas pics to the
farmhouse.I nodded my head, indicating that I wanted him to follow me. As we
climbed the stairs, Brandon behind me, he ran his preteen loli pics nude hand over my bubble
butt. I paused to relish his touch and allow him a better feel of my
ass. Brandon slipped his finger into the wet trench of my ass and
probbed my pucker. His finger slid up my chute with ease."You're as loose as a goose right now!" Brandon chuckled. "If I didn't
know any better, Alex, I'd say no nude loli ungest somebody or something plowed your lower
field!""You mean fucked, don't ya?" I said, proudly, tossing my head back and
grinding my ass back on Brandon's finger."Why you nasty little fucker!""You bet!" I smirked, sarcastically. "A real dirty shit fuck too!"Brandon slid his finger out of my asshole and sniffed it."How's it smell?""Like how a well fucked asshole should smell. Shitty!""Good!" I whispered. "But remember, Brandon, I'm the one who lost our
little race downstairs this morning. I'm the one who should be sniffin'
your asshole!""Yeah! You should. It's all hot, sweaty and stinky!""Just the way I like it too!"Brandon gave me a playful slap on the ass and the two of us headed for
my room. Once inside my room, Brandon headed for the bed. He crouched
down on all fours and spread his legs wide, his ass jutting high up in
the air."Come and get it, Alex!"I knelt at the foot of the bed behind him, looking up at the luscious
mounds of his muscular ass encased in a pair of gym shorts. The
material running down the length of his ass crack was wet with sweat and
stood out in contrast with the material that was dry.I pressed my face into this wetness and inhaled deeply. Immediately, my
head was filled with a rich, manly aroma. A blend of sweat and the funk
of asshole.Brandon bucked his ass back pushing my face deeper within his stories of lolita incest sweaty
cleft. I could feel the heat and animalistic, humid stories of lolita incest
vapors of his
asshole rising into my sniffing nostrils. My knees quaked and trembled
as the most private scent of my uncle sent shock waves of lust
throughout my young body."Smell me, fucker!" Brandon hissed. "I know the smell of a man turns
you the fuck on, Alex!"I grasped the waistband of his gym shorts with my hands and tugged them
down. Brandon's hairy ass smiled seductively at me. Coaxed me. Drew
me."Oh yeah, fucker! Now you're gonna get some good manstink now! Nice
and juicy, raw and skanky! Smell it! Smell my ass!"Without hesitation, I buried my face into Brandon's hairy ass trench. I
rubbed my face up and down his sweaty, smelly ass crack, marking myself
with his scent. I planted my nose right against his manhole and became
intoxicated, drunk with arousal and lust, from the fumes that issued
forth from his bowels."You like that, huh, you little fuck? Like smellin' your uncle's nasty
turd hole?""Yes! Yes!" I sighed.Brandon's asslips flared open and a silent rush of foul wind swirled up
my nostrils."Blowin' ya a kiss, baby! You like?""Yes! Yes, Brandon!" I moaned, in gutteral lust."You're a real ass whore, aren't you, Alex?""Yes!" I groaned, breathing his fart-kiss. "I'm an ass pig!"Brandon's fart released some of his ass juices which coated his hole in
a slick substance."Lick my kiss, baby! Taste it!"My tongue snaked out of my mouth and darted, flicked over Brandon's
asslips and drew within my oral cavity the flavor of his bittersweet
asshole."Mmmmmmmmmmmm!" I sighed, swirling my tongue over and into his rosey
pucker."Yeah!" Brandon groaned. "Eat my mother fuckin' ass, Alex! Tongue
fuck my nasty, stinky manhole!"At Brandon's command, I plunged my tongue as deeply as I could up his
shitter, groaning and moaning as my taste buds savored and delighted in
his masculine funk.My hand cupped his massive balls, squeezing them gently."Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Brandon sighed.Then my hand moved forward, slowly, up the length of the bull cock,
which jerked and thrashed to be released from preteen lolita nide photo the confines of Brandon's
gym shorts."Fuck, babe! You're pushin' all the right buttons! Gettin' me all
tanked up! Fuck! Fuck!"Brandon beat his fists into the mattress, bucking his ass wildly onto my
snaking tongue."God-damn!" Brandon shouted, "Fuck me! I wanna feel your mother fuckin'
boy cock up my shithole, Alex!"I slurped all the more hungrily at his asshole upon hearing his words."Yeah?" I shouted back. "Want my cock up your shitty asshole,
Brandon?""Yes! Please!" Brandon practically begged. "I need cock! I want cock
up my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me, Alex!"I stood up, yanking my wet shorts down around my ankles. My throbbing
seven inches of thick, teen-age cock snapped to attention. The piss
slit of my dick oozed pre-cum which I used to lube my aching cock.Aiming my cock at my uncle's twitching pucker, I lunged forward, sinking
every inch of my dick into his sloppy, sucking manhole in one swift
thrust."Fuckin' bitch!" Brandon snarled, as he turned his head back over his
shoulder to look deeply into my eyes, bucking his ass back to meet my
invading thrust. "You bitch! You fuckin' bitch!"I grabbed Brandon's hips and drove my cock as forcefully as I could into
him."This is what you wanted, whore!" I yelled back. Slapping his ass and
grinding my crotch into his hungry hole."Hurt's so fuckin' good!""Bah-dah-dah-dah ... dah-dah ...dah-dah!" I chanted, as I slammed my
cock in and out of Brandon's ass, as his reference to it "hurt's so
good," sent echoes of John Cougar Mellancamp's song through my head."Come on, baby, make it hurt so good!" Brandon sang back, meeting my
every thrust with a buck of his ass."Sometimes love don't feel like it should ... you know it ..." I sang.."Hurt's so good!" Brandon chanted back,
sucking my cock into his pucker.We rocked. We grooved to the song I initiated that set the pace to our
fucking. Over and over the lyrics to that song passed between us as we
fucked. And fucked. And fucked.We were in a frenzy. Caught up in a beat and rhythm that was bringing
us closer and closer to that ultimate point of exhaltation."Ah fuck!" I screamed. "Brandon! ... I'm gonna ... gonna! ...""Cum up my ass, Alex! Shoot that load up my shitty ass!""Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I yelled, at the top of my lungs, as my body
shook, my balls churned and sent my hot spooge flying out of my piss
slit into the murky channel of Brandon's turd chute."Yes! Give it to me, mother fuckin' bitch!" Brandon hollered, "sperm
my ass!"Brandon thrust his ass back forcefully to receive my ejaculation.
Impaling himself upon my boy cock, squirming, grunting, grinding;
Brandon's bull cock exploded, spewing fountains of thick, creamy cum
into his gym shorts."Alex! Alex! Babe!" he groaned, as his body collapsed onto the bed.I collapsed with him, on top of him, sinking deeper within him."Ah, nude russian lolita models
fuck!" Brandon moaned, "what are you doin' to me, buddy?""Bah-dah-dah-dah ... dah-dah ... dah-dah!""Come on baby! ..."2"What the fuck was that?" Jake said, as he leaned over to put the
casserole in the oven for dinner."Brandon and Alex!" Brad chuckled, running his hands over the mounds of
Jake's ass."Huh?" Jake replied."Hurt's ssssssoooooo good!" Brad responded.******************************
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